Called to Do More

As I reflect on our recent discussions, on the numerous things happening in the world, and how to wrap up the end of the semester, this question keeps coming to mind: What are we called to do? As public relations professionals. As students. As teachers. As interns. As Christians. As people.

We can easily get caught up in the creativity and entertainment of PR stunts, YouTube videos, and hashtag campaigns, or in the “who said what?” and “they should have…” of crisis communication.

But what does it truly mean to be a public relations professional in the world today, and looking forward to the future? As our audiences and consumers seek to hold brands and individuals to higher standards, how do help reach those standards as PR pros? How do we approach each task and campaign with a desire to not only represent our brand well, but also our audience?

If you got the call today and accepted a position in public relations, how would you prepare yourself for that role? What lessons would you take from this class and others to set yourself up for success, to best represent your client, your audience, and you?