Remembering 9/11

I mentioned this article in class on Wednesday, “We’re the Only Plane in the Sky” (Political Magazine, September 9, 2016), which powerfully captures how 9/11/01 unfolded for the team and journalists who were with President Bush that fateful day. Taken from 40+ hours of interviews, this article walks through the day using these firsthand accounts, revealing the emotions and thoughts experienced by those working with and covering the president. It’s a long read, but well worth time time. It also captures thoughts and strategies from a public relations and crisis communication perspective in a way that we don’t often get to hear.

For me, this post brought back so many memories from that day as I recalled where I was and what I was doing as each moment unfolded. Just two weeks into my first media relations role at APU, this is the event that introduced me to the world of crisis communication. I highly recommend you read it, and would love to hear your thoughts and reflections on this piece.

2 thoughts on “Remembering 9/11

  1. Wow, powerful article. I don’t remember 9/11 because I was rather young, but growing up after that you always read and heard about it. I think even to this day 9/11 still has some crisis management thats still going on.


    1. True, for many, 9/11 is still fairly fresh in our memories and some are still dealing with the aftermath of this devastating event. I’m glad you took time to read the article. I think it’s important even for those who don’t recall that day to understand it’s importance in our history.


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