New Year, New Course!

I am thrilled that we are finally launching the new public relations major (and minor) at APU this year. (It’s about time!) A new major brings with it the opportunity for new courses, and I have the privilege of shaping one of those courses after six years of teaching Introduction to Public Relations. Our course this semester—Writing 3: Public Relations Campaigns—will be an opportunity to learn together, to see what works, and ultimately, to practice and fine tune the art of writing for public relations. Throughout this class, we’ll look at public relations campaigns past and present, examining what makes a campaign successful, and how writing plays a part in each one. I look forward to hearing from you, the first class of students to walk through this course with me, and see where the next 14 weeks take us!

5 thoughts on “New Year, New Course!

  1. I am so excited to be taking this writing course with such an experienced and energized professor. Writing has always been one on my favorite things to do, and I am sure this course will take my writing skills to the next level.

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  2. So happy I decided to take this course!

    Your eagerness to teach is evident and is something I look for in professors when considering their class. I look forward to learning more about the significant role that writing plays in campaigns.Seeing that I am a senior who is unsure of what career she wants to pursue long term, this class might open doors for me to begin considering career options I hadn’t thought of. Regardless of if it does or doesn’t, I am highly anticipating the amount of knowledge taken away from this course.


  3. I am so excited that the PR major is finally up and running! I have been waiting for this since my freshman year. It’s seems that you are just excited as I am for this major and I can’t wait for everything we will be learning in this class.


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